• Goddess Readings

Goddess Readings

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Your goddess nature is always with you.  It has never left you.  Would you like to be guided back to that part of yourself that is sacred & divine?  The woman that you were always meant to be?  Let me introduce you to your goddess self.  Each reading is tailored specifically to the client.  We will take a look at where you are in life & where you desire to go, clear any energetic blockages that may be standing in the way of you living a more feminine life. You will be guided to meet your personal goddess or goddesses & given tools to incorporate her and that part of yourself into your  everyday living.  Isn't time for you to be nurtured & adored by yourself first so you may teach the world to do the same.  Readings last 40 - 90 minutes. Please leave your name, email & phone number in the special instructions at check out so I may schedule a time to connect.  Looking forward to it goddess!

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